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Welcome to Fly Paper

by Sam Jones (Editor)

Do you remember signing up for the Fly Software newsletter? Don't worry if you don't because you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email. If you do remember, then welcome to Issue 1 of Fly Paper.

We don't intend to swamp your inbox with frequent appearances of Fly Paper (because like us, I'm sure you receive enough emails already). Only when we need to notify you of a significant software update, a new software release or a special offer will we pester you!

Still here? Great! Then read on...

iFORM Becomes InForm!

by The Customer Services Team

To stop people perceiving our form design and form filling software to be Apple products, we have decided to rename iFORM to InForm.

Click here to find out more about the change.

InForm Designer Update

by The Support Team

WHAT'S NEW: HTML Export, Welcome Screen, Validate Form, Reset Form, Printer Offsets, Fixes

Whether you downloaded and tried iFORM Designer (now InForm Designer) one year or one week ago, the latest release of our popular form design application will almost certainly surprise you.

Not only have a number of pesky bugs been swatted, but a few nifty features have also been implemented, including a Welcome screen, the ability to validate and reset forms, a facility to specify printer offsets, and the option to create Web forms!

With the introduction of the HTML export, you can simultaneously create paper forms, e-forms and Web forms at no extra cost - making InForm Designer a 3-in-1 form design solution!

Click here to find out more about the new features, enhancements and fixes. Click here to download and try the latest update.

Fly Software on Twitter

by The Customer Services Team

To find out what Fly Software are up to on a regular basis, please visit our Twitter page...

InForm Designer box shot

InForm Tip #1

Moving Plug-in Licences

If you use more than one computer, there is no need to buy multiple InForm Plug-in licences. Instead, you can quickly and easily move them between InForm Designer installations. Just un-license in one installation then license in the other. Simple!

To find out more, search for Licensing in the InForm Help

InForm Tip #2

Fixed Pitch Boxes

We have no idea what their official name is, but you often see (what we call) fixed pitch boxes on forms that request bank account and telephone numbers. Their purpose is to split a sequence of characters into single character boxes.

Example fixed pitch boxes

You can implement fixed pitch boxes within your InForm documents by adding a Text Box, selecting it, opening the Paragraph property group then setting the Style property value to Fixed.

To find out more, search for Fixed Pitch in the InForm Help.

Click here to view more tips.

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