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iFORM Designer Update Released

Integration of a Button plug-in, fixes to known issues, enhanced form design features, and more!

iFORM Designer (now called InForm Designer) has been released and is available for immediate download from the Downloads page.

Where applicable, updates found in the release are fully documented in the iFORM Designer Help and user guide.

Features and Properties

  • Added a Button plug-in that allows interactive buttons to be integrated within forms. Button options include, file management, page navigation, URL access, URL posting, emailing and application launching.
  • Added an option to resize form elements in relation to a change in paper size - i.e. if the paper size is increased, all form element sizes are increased. Following a change in paper size, a dialog appears asking if form elements should be resized.
  • Added a Publish property for pages. This can be used to prevent pages and all form elements they contain being published.
  • Added a Default View property for each page. Values available are Current, Actual Size, Fit to Width, and Fit to Page.
  • Added a facility to find a form element within a form. If the form element is found, the page where it appears is displayed and the form element is selected.
  • Added a manual licensing mechanism to the License Plug-ins dialog for installations without Internet access.
  • Added Tutorial #1 Form Basics, to the installation.


  • Changes made to the default installation folders.
  • Extended the copy/cut and paste functionality. Previously, only text could be copied or cut from a form in one iFORM Designer instance and pasted into a form in another instance. Now form elements can also be copied, cut and pasted between instances.
  • Changed the default open and save locations to the Tutorials folder. Subsequent saves and opens determine the default save and open locations - i.e. the folder a form is saved in is the folder presented for the next save.
  • Changed the default Horizontal Alignment property of a Date Box to Left instead of Center.
  • Changed the way iFORM document (now called InForm document) extensions are saved from IFD to ifd.
  • Changed the default ifd file association from iFORM Filler (now called InForm Filler) to iFORM Designer if iFORM Designer and iFORM Filler are installed. If only iFORM Filler is installed then the ifd file association is iFORM Filler.
  • Changed the page publish order from last page first to first page first - i.e. page 1 is published then page 2, etc.
  • The most recently used User Name is now saved in the License Plug-ins dialog.


  • Removed the PDF link %name not found error dialog that appeared when a non-visual PDF was deleted. This dialog would appear multiple times if the associated PDF was used on multiple pages.
  • Fixed a problem where non-admin Windows users were unable to open or save forms in the installation folder.
  • Fixed a problem where non-admin Windows users were unable to license iFORM plug-ins (now called InForm Plug-ins).
  • Fixed a problem with the paper width and/or height changing after they were set to a non-standard paper size.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate or pasted form elements retained the Left and Top property values of the source element.
  • Fixed a problem when using PDFs and images within a form, whereby if the PDF or image source file was changed then "imported" again, the changes were not reflected.

It is recommended that existing users of iFORM Designer uninstall their current installation prior to installing the update. iFORM Plug-in licences will be retained but may need to be re-activated within the License Plug-ins dialog.

NOTE: iFORM Filler has also been updated to reflect the changes made to iFORM Designer.

NOTE: Since this article iFORM Designer has been released.

NOTE: Since this article InForm Designer has been released.

Author: Sam Jones / Article Code: fly090805a

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