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What is InForm IFD?What is InForm IFD?

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Alt&Title interface thumb
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Supported HTML Tags

<area> Area
<img> Image
<input> Form Input

Supported File Formats

htm, html, hta, htc, xhtml
shtm, shtml, stm, ssi, inc
asp, asa, aspx, ascx, asmx
php, php3, php4, php5, dwt
Any user defined format




The quick and easy way to add alt and title attributes to your HTML tags

The perfect solution for restoring image tooltips!

$19.99 Add to Cart Try for Free - Download the Demo Now!*

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Overview / Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Alt&Title has the following benefits and features...

Quickly locate and select web pages using an intuitive and familiar interface.
Scan selected web pages for alt and title attributes missing from supported HTML tags, and view the results in the Log panel.
Add alt and/or title attributes to supported HTML tags only contained within the web pages you choose.
Choose which supported HTML tags are checked, and have alt or title attributes added to them.
Compile a list of images to ignore (i.e. images that would never require an alt or title attribute) when performing future scans and add processes.
Optionally ignore HTML code derived from Dreamweaver templates (dwt).
View the results of adding alt and title attributes within the Log panel. Web page filename, line number, HTML tag name and attribute content are listed for quick and easy reference.
Preview each add process so you can see exactly what will be applied prior to making changes to web pages.
Save and print Log panel results so they can be viewed and analysed at anytime.
Minimise web page selection lists by only specifying the supported file formats you wish to scan or update.
Scan, or add alt or title attributes to one or any number of web pages at the click of a button.

Overview / Benefits & Features

$19.99 Try for Free - Download the Demo Now!*

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*The demo allows you to scan selected web pages but only preview the results of adding alt or title attributes.

Five reasons to choose InForm Designer
InForm Designer

Cost effective! Buy just the tools (InForm plug-ins) you need to satisfy your form design requirements.
Simple and uncluttered interface makes form design fast and easy.
Use a paper scan, image file, PDF or an InForm document as a form template.
3-in-1 solution enables you to simultaneously design paper forms, e-forms and Web forms.
Your forms can be filled in quickly and easily by anyone for free using InForm Filler.

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System Requirements

Fly Software applications have the following requirements...

Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2008, 2003, 2000
Internet connection for licensing (recommended)