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  Why are InForm Designer and InForm Filler free to download and use?
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Why are InForm Designer and InForm Filler free to download and use?

Fly Software would like as many people as possible to design and use forms created with InForm Designer. Therefore we do not charge for InForm Designer or InForm Filler - only for our InForm Plug-in licences. This is one reason why the range of InForm products have become so popular!

By charging for just our InForm Plug-in licences it allows you to pay for just the tools you need to design your forms. After all, why should you "pay" for form design functionality you may never use?

Fly Software are able to provide InForm Designer and InForm Filler for free because of the revenue generated from the sale of our InForm Plug-in licences. In return, form designers who buy these licences benefit from users being able to freely view, fill, save and print the forms they have designed!

Last Updated: 13/07/2012

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