Why Choose Easy MTD VAT?

There are many Making Tax Digital for VAT software solutions, so why choose Easy MTD VAT to submit your returns and view your obligations, liabilities and payments?

Why Choose Easy MTD VAT

Here's a few reasons why you should use Easy MTD VAT to comply with HMRC's Making Tax Digital:

  1. You're in trusted hands. Easy MTD VAT is published by Fly Software Limited - a UK-based software developer that has been in business since 2006.
  2. Members of the Fly Software team have been developing and supporting VAT software since 1986 (nope, that's not a typo). They remember the days of MS-DOS and 5.25-inch floppy drives, so you can be sure they have oodles of experience when it comes to VAT-based software products.
  3. We have a close association with a leading VAT specialist - Richard Pape - who provides VAT consultancy to businesses and institutions throughout the UK and the rest of the EU. He was the first person to submit a live VAT return using Easy MTD VAT and he was happy to give it his seal of approval.
  4. Unlike many of our competitor's software, Easy MTD VAT is digitally signed and Fly Software have been verified by a certificate signing authority. This means you can be sure of the software's authenticity and that it has not been tampered with prior to you installing it.
  5. Easy MTD VAT is extremely accessible and simple to use. Unlike other MTD for VAT software developers, we don't expect you to contact us to start using Easy MTD VAT, and there's no need to mess about with spreadsheet templates - just download, install and use.
  6. Easy MTD VAT is pure bridging software so its not bloated with accounting features you won't ever need to use. It's the perfect solution for anyone who uses a spreadsheet or a non-MTD compliant accounting package to keep their business records.
  7. Viewing VAT obligations, liabilities and payments using Easy MTD VAT is completely free. Only when you need to submit a VAT return do we require you to buy a submission token. And with pricing that starts at just £1 per VAT return, Easy MTD VAT doesn't break the bank.
  8. Sign up for a Fly Software account and you get a complimentary submission token meaning you can submit your first VAT return for free!
  9. Easy MTD VAT's concise and easy to comprehend help, together with our knowledgebase and support ticket system means you are never far from a solution if you hit a brick wall or discover a problem.
  10. There shouldn't be any reason to state that Easy MTD VAT has been checked out and approved for use by HMRC. Why? Because all MTD for VAT software should be. But because our competitors do, so will we!

Tempted? Download Easy MTD VAT now and comply with Making Tax Digital for VAT today.

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