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If you can't find an off-the-shelf software application that meets your needs then maybe it's time you considered something bespoke - developed just for you.

Fly Software have been developing software since 2006. It's what we know best and it has allowed us to create not only our own award winning products but also software for other businesses across the globe.

We specialise in desktop applications for Windows® but we also have the resources to create and integrate full enterprise solutions. No matter what you need, you're certain to receive the perfect software product, developed by a professional team, and delivered on time and within budget.

When using Fly Software, it's not just the application we develop for you that makes us a great choice, it's also the little extras. Included with your product is a HTML help system, a printable user guide, and our comprehensive support and maintenance package. You also have the option of utilising our website development and website hosting services if you are in need of an online platform to promote your software.

Software development cycle

Development Cycle

At this stage we listen to your ideas (or read them off the back of a beer mat) to get an understanding of what your software needs to do and who will use it.

If you're based nearby we can visit your premises or you can meet us in sunny Taunton (UK) where we'll treat you to coffee and cake while we ascertain your requirements. If you're remote from us - no problem! We can get a good understanding of your needs from emails, phone calls and Teamviewer meetings - or we'll jump on a train or plane and come to you if you're happy to absorb the expense!


Once we have an idea of what we need to develop for you, we'll do some planning then quickly produce a prototype of the interface. You'll then be able to ensure what we've envisaged matches your requirement, and you'll have an opportunity to show members of your team the first steps of the software we're about to begin developing for you.


Once you're happy with the prototype it's all systems go as we hand the project over to one or more of our developers. At least one developer will work on the software full time helping to ensure the agreed deadline and budget is met, and the interface and its operation are consistent.

Throughout this phase of the development cycle you'll regularly be presented with functional releases to make certain the software continues to match your requirements and to give you an opportunity to request changes.


When we both consider the software to be ready, we hand it over to our testing team who will scrutinize and stress test the product to highlight issues and advise on useability. We'll also let a technical author loose on the software in order to write a HTML help system, and a PDF and Word user guide. The technical author also provides another layer of testing to help ensure your software is of the highest standard when it goes live.

Test & Document

This is it! The day you unleash your software on the world! We'll do all we can to make the release a success and, if necessary, help with deployment. Enjoy the moment knowing your software has been developed by a professional team who always strive for perfection.


Your software may well be out in the wild, but it's likely you'll want to add and change things in the future. This is why we are always on hand and why our support and maintenance package ensures you're only an email or phone call away from getting the help you need.


Years of Experience

Our core development team has been coding since 1986 so we're confident they know what they're doing!

Proven Record

Our own award winning products are evidence enough that we produce functional and intuitive software.

Windows® Warriors

We specialise in developing solutions for Windows® which helps us meet requirements without compromise.

Dedicated Staff

A dedicated account manager will be at your beckon call all the while we develop and maintain your software.

Top Notch Documentation

All our software is provided with HTML help, and a user guide in PDF and Word format.

After Sales Support

Even after your software has gone live we have your back with high quality and responsive support and maintenance.

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