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InForm Designer is an intuitive Windows® application that enables you to design professional e-forms, paper forms and web forms in minutes.

No longer do you need to purchase and learn multiple form design applications to create each type of form. Instead, simply design a form using InForm Designer and it is ready for printing, filling in electronically (using our FREE InForm Filler software) or publishing on a website.

Download, install and use InForm Designer for FREE, and only buy a licence for the form design tools (InForm Plug-ins) you need to satisfy your paper form, e-form and Web form requirements.*

There has never been a more cost-effective way to design forms!

As of 01 October 2022, InForm Designer and InForm Filler are no longer supported or updated by Fly Software

3-in-one Solution

Simultaneously design e-forms, paper forms and web forms that all maintain the same style and functionality.

Cost Effective

Keep costs to a minimum by purchasing just the design tools (InForm plug-ins) you need. Prices start from just $5.

Pre-printed Form Compatibility

Configure form elements so only the filled in content is printed, and use the printer offset functionality to ensure everything is aligned perfectly.

No Coding Required

Web forms can be created without any coding skills or knowledge meaning anyone can design them with ease.

Unprecendented Configuration

The property inspector gives you access to a huge range of configuration options so your forms look and operate to your exact requirements.

Strict Data Validation

Apply a wealth of validation to your forms so only the data you expect can be specifed by form fillers.


InForm Designer logo Version Windows 8, 10, 11 (32/64bit) Updated 26/04/2019 Release Notes Virus Report 4824 KB Download
InForm Filler logo Version Windows 8, 10, 11 (32/64bit) Updated 26/04/2019 Release Notes Virus Report 3273 KB Download

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Buy InForm Plug-ins

If you use the functionality of an InForm Plug-in within InForm Designer, your form will contain a copyright watermark until all the InForm Plug-ins you have used are activated.

Button plug-in icon Button Add butons so users can perform actions such as printing, validating and navigating pages. $10.00 Add to Basket
Calculation Box plug-in icon Calculation Box Add calculation boxes so values specified elsewhere on the form are automatically calculated. $10.00 Add to Basket
Check Box plug-in icon Check Box Add check boxes so users can select or unselect an option, or indicate multiple choices. $5.00 Add to Basket
Combo Box plug-in icon Combo Box Add combo boxes so users can select from alist of options or specify their own option. $10.00 Add to Basket
Date Box plug-in icon Date Box Add date boxes to display a date stamp or to enable users to only specify a date in a predetermined way. $5.00 Add to Basket
Image plug-in icon Image Add images in various formats such as JPG, PNG and TIF. $5.00 Add to Basket
Label plug-in icon Label Add labels so form elements can be identified. $5.00 Add to Basket
Radio Button plug-in icon Radio Button Add radio buttons so users can only make a single choice from multiple options. $5.00 Add to Basket
Shape plug-in icon Shape Add common shapes such as squares and circles. $5.00 Add to Basket
Text Box plug-in icon Text Box Add text boxes so users can specify their own text. $10.00 Add to Basket
Time Box plug-in icon Time Box Add time boxes to display a time stamp or to enable users to only specify a time in a predetermined way. $5.00 Add to Basket
InForm Designer interface

Inform Designer interface

Use for designing e-forms, paper forms and web forms

InForm Filler interface

InForm Filler interface

Use for filling in forms created using InForm Designer

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