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If you're thinking of developing your own website or using a website developer that uses a platform such as Wordpress or Magento - think again! Firstly, your time is better spent doing what you know best - running your business. Secondly, an off-the-shelf solution will almost certainly fail you when you want to do something out of the ordinary.

Fly Software and our partner, Charlie&Co. have been developing websites for more than ten years. Our UK-based team writes code from the ground up using a combination of technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JQuery and PHP. This means you get a bespoke website that stands out from the crowd and meets your needs without compromise.

All our websites are 100% responsive so they look great on a desktop, tablet and mobile, and all are developed so they are W3C compliant and SEO friendly. Our team also has experience of writing website copy and enhancing images so page content compliments the great design and functionality of your site.

Included free for the first year with each website we develop is our website hosting service. This includes an SSL certificate so your visitor's privacy is protected, the choice of a UK or USA based server so your pages are lightening fast, and domain specific email addresses so you never have to use a generic one (e.g. again.

Website development cycle

Development Cycle

At this stage we listen to your ideas (or read them off the back of a beer mat) to get an understanding of what your website requires and who will use it.

If you're based nearby we can visit your premises or you can meet us in sunny Taunton (UK) where we'll treat you to coffee and cake while we ascertain your requirements. If you're remote from us - no problem! We can get a good understanding of your needs from emails, phone calls and Teamviewer meetings - or we'll jump on a train or plane and come to you if you're happy to absorb the expense!


Once we have an idea of what we need to develop for you, we'll do some planning then quickly produce a prototype. You'll then be able to ensure what we've envisaged matches your requirement, and you'll have an opportunity to show members of your team the first steps of the website we're about to begin developing for you.


Once you're happy with the prototype it's all systems go as we hand the project over to one or more of our developers. At least one developer will work on the website full time helping to ensure the agreed deadline and budget is met, and the pages and operation are consistent.

Throughout this phase of the development cycle you'll have access to the website to make certain it continues to match your requirements and to give you an opportunity to request changes.


When we both consider the website to be ready, we hand it over to our testing team who will scrutinize and stress test it to highlight issues and advise on useability.

Test & Document

This is it! The day you unleash your website on the world! Enjoy the moment knowing your website has been developed by a professional team who always strive for perfection.


Your website may well be out in the wild, but it's likely you'll want to add and change things in the future. This is why we are always on hand and why our support and maintenance package ensures you're only an email or phone call away from getting the help you need.


Years of Experience

Our team have been developing websites for more than 10 years so we're confident they know what they're doing!

Proven Record

Our own websites and those we have developed for others are evidence enough that we produce great results.

Custom Built

No matter how bespoke your requirement, we specialise in developing responsive and compliant websites completely coded by us using many technologies.

Dedicated Staff

A dedicated account manager will be at your beckon call all the while we develop and maintain your website.

Hosting for Free

If we design a website for you, you'll get your first year of Standard hosting with us for free (including an SSL certificate).

After Sales Support

Even after your website has gone live we have your back with high quality and responsive support and maintenance.

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