Excel Spreadsheet Templates Available!

Fly Software in conjunction with VAT specialist Richard Pape, have launched a range of Excel spreadsheet templates for recording sales and expenses and calculating VAT return figures

Excel spreadsheet templates for recording sales an

Fly Software have teamed up with VAT specialist, Richard Pape, to offer a range of Excel spreasheet templates for recording sales and expenses, and automatically calculating the 9 box figures of a VAT return. The templates have been created so they conform to the requirements of the many HMRC VAT schemes and are one of the easiest ways for businesses to comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.

Each Excel spreadsheet template typically has three sheets (pages) - Sales, Expenses and VAT Return. The first two sheets enable users to imput their sales and expenses, while the latter displays the 9 box figures (derived from the sales and expense figures).

"We discovered there are a huge number of businesses that need to move from a paper-based record keeping system to a digital one in order to comply with MTD for VAT," states Sam Jones, Marketing Coordinator for Fly Software. "Perhaps one of the simplest ways to do this is to use an Excel spreadsheet in conjunction with our Easy MTD VAT bridging software."

Sam continues: "Our own team produced a template for businesses that use the Flat Rate scheme and do not have sales or expenses outside the UK, and we partnered with Richard who provides templates on request for the other VAT schemes."

If you need to retire your paper-based record keeping system and become Making Tax Digital for VAT compliant, using an Excel spreadsheet template and Easy MTD VAT is a quick and simple solution.

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