Bridging Software will Continue to be Compliant

Despite claims by certain unscrupulous software developers, bridging software for Making Tax Digital for VAT is here to stay

MTD for VAT bridging software is here to stay

If you've heard a rumour that bridging software for Making Tax Digital for VAT is going the way of the Dodo, rest assured, it's completely untrue! This tall tale was spewed from the bowels of a number of unscrupulous software developers in the hope of driving more business to their often expensive, and in many cases, unneeded accounting packages.

But why believe us - the developer of a leading MTD for VAT bridging solution called Easy MTD VAT? Firstly, our solution continues to be developed (we actively keep up-to-date with HMRC requirements and changes to MTD aspects such as security headers). We wouldn't waste our time developing software if it was going to be obsolete in a month, a year or even more. Secondly, HMRC have stated that MTD for VAT bridging software is here to stay. Here's what they have to say...

MTD Developers Newsletter:

"While we welcome all of your assistance with raising MTD awareness we have also received a small number of complaints about some developer material suggesting that bridging products will be unsupported after 2020. This is incorrect, we have no plans to stop supporting bridging solutions."*

Direct email in reply to a question asking if bridging software is only a temporary solution:

"We couldn't remove bridging products that quickly even if we wanted to. It would require giving business notice that they have to change the way they file."

So there you go... bridging software will continue to be compliant. With that assurance in mind, why not give Easy MTD VAT a go and find out how quick and simple it is to submit the 9 box figures in your Excel spreadsheet to HMRC. You can submit your first VAT return using Easy MTD VAT for free then after that each submission costs as little as £1.50.

Click here to find out more about Easy MTD VAT and why businesses have used it to submit thousands of VAT returns without changing the way they record their business figures.

*The 2020 reference refered to the original end of the MTD for VAT soft landing period which was extended by HMRC to 2021 due to Covid-19.

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