Why Updating Easy MTD VAT is so Important

Discover why updating Easy MTD VAT to the latest version is critical for submitting VAT returns in compliance with HMRC

Why Updating Easy MTD VAT is so Important

HMRC use a security measure called fraud headers to help ensure the data being passed back and forth from Easy MTD VAT and their server is legitimate. From time to time, HMRC update the fraud headers which means Easy MTD VAT needs to be updated so it complies with these changes. If Easy MTD VAT wasn't updated, Fly Software would get a rap on the knuckles and a fine from HMRC, but most importantly, Easy MTD VAT would eventually cease to operate.

At Fly Software we want to ensure that submitting your VAT returns continues without issue, so when HMRC change their fraud headers, we quickly make the necessary changes to Easy MTD VAT then make an update available to download. These updates are classed as critical updates, so, from version of Easy MTD VAT, you will sometimes be forced to download and install the latest update before Easy MTD VAT can be used again.

We hope you understand the requirement for forcing a critical update upon you and we appreciate you taking the time to download and install the latest Easy MTD VAT.

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