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Batch Star enables you to batch process any number of files with ease. Whether you want to automatically print PDFs, convert PSDs to JPGs, or modify the content of Word files, Batch Star has it covered.

Simply place the files you want processed in a folder monitored by Batch Star and you're done! Each file is automatically and invisibly opened by whatever application you configured Batch Star to use then one or more actions (such as printing, exporting or modifying) is performed.

With file processing actions being performed by whatever application you choose, the results are exactly what you expect (unlike other batch processors that force you to use third-party components to process certain file types).

Currently under development, Batch Star is due for release in 2020.

Highly Compatible

Batch Star can process any file type because it can be configured to invisibly use any application to open, modify, print and save.

Perfect Results

Because Batch Star can be configured to use any application, processing results are as expected - like you had manually done it yourself.

Batch Control

Accumulate batches of files and sort them into a desired order before starting the processing manually, at a specified time or when a trigger file is detected.

Do Anything

Batch Star can be configured to perform countless batch processing tasks on any number of files*. Only your imagination is the limit!

Keeping Track

Everything that Batch Star does is logged and you can be notified by email when certain conditions are met or processing fails.

Free to try

If you want to use Batch Star for personal use or you simply want to give it a test, there's a restricted yet functional version you can download and use for free.

*Restrictions apply to certain versions of Batch Star

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