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Can I reuse an InForm Plug-in licence with another InForm Designer installation?

You can reuse an InForm Plug-in licence with another InForm Designer installation by un-licensing it within the current installation.

To un-license an InForm Plug-in, perform the following actions...

In InForm Designer, select the Help menu followed by the Licensing option. A Licensing dialog is displayed where you specify your user name and password, and select the InForm plug-in you wish to un-license. When selected, click the Un-license button.

InForm Designer will now connect to the Fly Software server, query your user account and credit the specified InForm plug-in licence so you can use it within another InForm Designer installation. Repeat the above process for all InForm plug-ins you wish to un-license and use with another installation.

If the PC where InForm Designer is installed does not have Internet access, please contact Fly Software using the Contact Form for information about how to un-license InForm Plug-ins manually.

For further details, search for "Licensing" in thre InForm Designer Help.

Last Updated: 13/07/2012

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