How to Design Electronic Forms

If you need to create electronic (e-forms) that can be filled in by anyone using a Windows PC or laptop then InForm Designer is the perfect software solution.

Design your e-forms quickly and easily using InForm Designer's simple and intuitive interface. Add interactive e-form elements such as text boxes, radio buttons and combo boxes to your e-form pages, and implement style and corporate identity with images and shapes. You can even import your existing PDF or scanned forms as page backgrounds then simply overlay interactive e-form elements on top.

Interactive e-form elements can have validation rules applied so information completed by users is accurate and relevant. Not only that, if any type of numerical calculation is required then powerful calculation fields can be included so users don't need to work things out for themselves!

If you are worried about the accessibility of your e-forms, don't be! All e-forms created using InForm Designer can be opened and filled in using our free-to-use InForm Filler software.

Filled in e-forms can be printed, emailed and even posted to a URL (so filled in content can be imported into a database). There is even a facility for printing just the filled in content on to pre-printed forms - no matter the make or model of your printer, output aligns perfectly every time!

Download, install and use InForm Designer for FREE, and only buy a licence for the e-form design tools (InForm Plug-ins) you need to create your e-forms.* For example, if your e-forms only require interactive text boxes then all you buy is a licence for the Text Box plug-in costing just $10.

Never has there been a more cost-effective way to design e-forms!

InForm Designer can also be used to design paper forms and Web forms meaning you only need one application to create three types of form.

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