How to Design Paper Forms

If you have tried to design paper forms using word processing or DTP software, it is likely you discovered how difficult and time consuming the process can be. Not only that, popular versions of these types of software are notoriously expensive making them impractical for one-off or infrequent paper form design projects.

InForm Designer is an inexpensive Windows application that enables you to design professional paper forms in minutes. Intuitive design tools are included for adding common paper form elements such as text boxes, check boxes and labels, and injecting style and corporate identify with images and shapes.

When your paper forms have been designed using InForm Designer they can be opened and printed by anyone using our free-to-use InForm Filler software.

Download, install and use InForm Designer for FREE, and only buy a licence for the design tools (InForm Plug-ins) you require to create your paper forms.*

InForm Designer can also be used to design e-forms and Web forms meaning you only need one application to create three types of form.

Click here to learn more about InForm Designer and to download and try now.

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