How to Design Web Forms

Web forms are a great way to obtain information from your customers, potential customers, suppliers and anyone visiting your website. However, designing Web forms can be expensive if you need to use a design agency, or impossible if you or your staff don't have the necessary programming skills.

InForm Designer is an inexpensive Windows application that enables you to create and publish W3C compliant Web forms without any knowledge of HTML, ASP, PHP or Javascript.

Designing your Web forms using InForm Designer couldn't be simpler:

  • Create a Web-safe page within an InForm Designer form file.
  • Add and configure interactive Web form elements such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, labels, images and buttons using techniques common to DTP and word processing applications.
  • Specify where filled in Web form content should be emailed and what is presented to the form filler after submitting the form.
  • Upload your form and associated files to your Web server.

Download, install and use InForm Designer for FREE, and only buy a licence for the Web form design tools (InForm Plug-ins) you need to create your Web forms.* For example, if your Web forms only require text boxes then all you buy is a licence for the Text Box plug-in costing just $10.

InForm Designer can also be used to design paper forms and e-forms meaning you only need one application to create three types of form.

Click here to learn more about InForm Designer and to download and try now.

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