InForm Designer Release Notes

4.1.0,0 (26/04/2019)

  • Changed the licensing mechanism to work with the new Fly Software website/server.
  • Changes to Fly Software website links.
  • General cosmetic changes.
  • Code signed the setup and runtime executables so you can be sure the code has not been tampered with and is officially created and supplied by Fly Software. (17/07/2016)


  • All references to iFORM were renamed to InForm so fewer people think it is a form design application for Apple products such as the Mac, iPhone and iPad!


  • Added a HTML Export feature that creates a Web page containing a HTML form. The HTML form is W3C compliant and replicates the look and operation of the original InForm document. An optional ASP or PHP file can also be created to notify form fillers that the form content has been submitted and to email it to one or more recipients.
  • Added a HTML tab to the Plug-in palette that contains the following HTML specific InForm plug-ins: HTML Label, HTML Text Box, HTML Text Area, HTML Password Text Box, HTML Email Text Box, HTML Numeric Text Box, HTML Hidden Field, HTML Image, HTML Check Box, HTML Radio Button, HTML Combo Box, HTML Date Box, HTML Time Box, HTML Button.
  • Added a Reset Form option to the View menu and a Reset Form button to the toolbar that can be used to reset an InForm document.
  • Added a Welcome screen that appears when InForm Designer is launched. This contains convenient options for creating a form, opening a form or accessing facilities on the Fly Software website. A Use Welcome Screen option has also been added to the View menu of InForm Designer.
  • Added a flyout menu to the New option on the File menu, and the New toolbar button, that contains the following options: Paper form or e-form, 640x480 "safe" Web form, 800x600 "safe" Web form, 1024x768 "safe" Web form.
  • Added a Validate Form option to the View menu and a Validate Form button to the toolbar of InForm Filler and Filler mode that validates the open InForm document.
  • Added the ability to add, modify and delete printer offsets. These can be defined for specific printers so filled in form content is aligned correctly on pre-printed forms.


  • Added a Reset Form property group for certain InForm Plug-ins that contains properties to determine whether a form element value/state is reset after resetting a form, and what the value/state should be.
  • Added a Validation property group for applicable InForm Plug-ins that contains properties related to validating associated form elements. Certain properties contained in the Validation property group were moved from other property groups.
  • Added an Error Messages property to applicable InForm Plug-ins that enables validation error messages to be defined for associated form elements.
  • Added an Input Format property to the Date Box plug-in that determines how a date needs to be entered by a user.
  • Added an Output Format property to the Date Box plug-in that determines how a date is displayed within an InForm document.
  • Added an Input Format property to the Time Box plug-in that determines how a time needs to be entered by a user.
  • Added an Output Format property to the Time Box plug-in that determines how a time is displayed within an InForm document.
  • Added a Web Link property to the Label and Image plug-ins to enable Web pages to be opened in the user's default Internet browser by clicking the associated label or image within an Inform document or Web form.
  • Added a Submit Value property to the Check Box and Radio Button plug-ins to enable values to be submitted when they are used during the creation of Web forms and when an InForm document is posted to a URL.


  • Added a Reset Form action to the Button plug-in to enable a button to be created for resetting an InForm document.
  • Added Actual Size, Fit to Width and Fit to Page actions to the Button plug-in to enable buttons to be created for changing how a page of an InForm document is viewed in InForm.
  • The options in the Actions drop-down list in the Actions dialog of the Button plug-in are now in a more logical order.
  • Added a message to the email section of the Button plug-in configuration dialog warning users about specifying Host, User Name and Password settings.
  • Added support for the PNG image format.
  • In the Online tab of the InForm Designer Licensing dialog, HTML InForm plug-ins appear in an expandble tree view below the InForm Plug-in they are associated with (and licensed by).
  • Updated the InForm Designer and InForm Filler user guides and Help to reflect the the changes to the latest release.
  • The InForm Designer and InForm Filler Help are now accessible online and are no longer included with the installations.
  • More context Help has been included.
  • More information about a Help topic is displayed on a single page instead of multiple pages.
  • Added an example Invoice form and Web form to the InForm Designer installation, and removed the Job Application form.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented all InForm plug-ins being displayed on the Plug-in palette when it was undocked from the application window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented read only InForm documents being opened including those opened from email and web links.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the splash screen to remain open if an InForm document was opened via an external source such as Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue that was reporting the page zoom percent incorrectly when an InForm document was initially opened.
  • Fixed an issue where a "List index out of bounds" error dialog would appear when opening certain InForm documents from an external source such as Windows Explorer. (01/10/2010)

Features and Properties

  • Added a Word Wrap property to the Text Box plug-in to enable users to specify text boxes with single or multiple lines.
  • Changed the Date Format property of the Date plug-in so any date format can be specified and not just the default formats supplied.
  • Changed the names and reordered the default colors used by all Color properties.
  • Added Min and Max functions to the Calculation Box plug-in. This enables calculations to display the lowest (Min) or highest (Max) value of two values defined within an expression.
  • Zero Pad changed to allow padding zeros to be added to any type of number (not just whole numbers) within a text box, combo box and calculation box.


  • Changed the location of the Example Forms and Tutorials folders so they appear within Program Files/Fly Software/iFORM. The previous location of these folders in ProgramData (Windows Vista and 7) and Application Data (Windows XP, 2000, 2003) was unavailable unless Show Hidden Files and Folders was enabled in Windows Explorer. Reference to this location is also reflected in Tutorial #1 - Form Basics.
  • Removed the in-built Feedback form (accessible from the Help menu) and instead open a Feedback form on the Fly Software website.
  • Changed the web page users are taken to after selecting the Buy plug-ins menu option or toolbar button.
  • When iFORM Designer is exited and if no iFORM Plug-ins (now called InForm Plug-ins) are licensed, the default browser is opened and a Buy iFORM Plug-ins page is displayed.
  • Improved the speed at which forms are loaded.


  • Fixed a problem where Width and Height properties of a duplicated or pasted form element changed in size slightly compared to the original.
  • Fixed a problem where the Left and Top properties of a duplicated form element were not applied until the form element was selected again.
  • Fixed a problem where expressions would sometimes change when a calculation box was duplicated or pasted.
  • Fixed a problem where property groups in the Property Inspector would not remain open if previously opened. The open/close state of property groups is now saved with each iFORM document.
  • Fixed a problem where certain HP printers caused a divide by zero access violation.
  • Fixed a problem where an access violation occasionally occurred following shutdown.
  • Fixed a problem where iFORM Plug-ins could not be licensed under certain operating environments.
  • Fixed a problem where the Fly Software watermark appeared (despite all used iFORM plug-ins being licensed) if a combo box was used as the default form element on the first page.
  • Fixed a problem where a random page size was applied to an iFORM document if the page size applied at design time was unavailable for the current default printer.
  • Fixed a problem where the code contained within a Color property could not be copied to another Color property.
  • Fixed a problem where save or save as was not becoming available after performing certain changes to a form.
  • Fixed a problem where an error occurred when viewing the About dialog in Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem where dialogs were not displayed and sized correctly for certain Windows operating systems.
  • The background file (Tutorial 1 - Background.pdf) mentioned in Tutorial #1 - Form Basics, is now included with the install!


Prior to installing this update, existing users of iFORM Designer must un-license all licensed iFORM Plug-in(s) then uninstall their current installation.

NOTE: iFORM Filler (now called InForm Filler) has also been updated to reflect the changes made to iFORM Designer. (05/08/2009)

Features and Properties

  • Added a Button plug-in that allows interactive buttons to be integrated within forms. Button options include, file management, page navigation, URL access, URL posting, emailing and application launching.
  • Added an option to resize form elements in relation to a change in paper size - i.e. if the paper size is increased, all form element sizes are increased. Following a change in paper size, a dialog appears asking if form elements should be resized.
  • Added a Publish property for pages. This can be used to prevent pages and all form elements they contain being published.
  • Added a Default View property for each page. Values available are Current, Actual Size, Fit to Width, and Fit to Page.
  • Added a facility to find a form element within a form. If the form element is found, the page where it appears is displayed and the form element is selected.
  • Added a manual licensing mechanism to the License Plug-ins dialog for installations without Internet access.
  • Added Tutorial #1 Form Basics, to the installation.


  • Changes made to the default installation folders.
  • Extended the copy/cut and paste functionality. Previously, only text could be copied or cut from a form in one iFORM Designer instance and pasted into a form in another instance. Now form elements can also be copied, cut and pasted between instances.
  • Changed the default open and save locations to the Tutorials folder. Subsequent saves and opens determine the default save and open locations - i.e. the folder a form is saved in is the folder presented for the next save.
  • Changed the default Horizontal Alignment property of a Date Box to Left instead of Center.
  • Changed the way iFORM document (now called InForm document) extensions are saved from IFD to ifd.
  • Changed the default ifd file association from iFORM Filler (now called InForm Filler) to iFORM Designer if iFORM Designer and iFORM Filler are installed. If only iFORM Filler is installed then the ifd file association is iFORM Filler.
  • Changed the page publish order from last page first to first page first - i.e. page 1 is published then page 2, etc.
  • The most recently used User Name is now saved in the License Plug-ins dialog.


  • Removed the PDF link %name not found error dialog that appeared when a non-visual PDF was deleted. This dialog would appear multiple times if the associated PDF was used on multiple pages.
  • Fixed a problem where non-admin Windows users were unable to open or save forms in the installation folder.
  • Fixed a problem where non-admin Windows users were unable to license iFORM plug-ins (now called InForm Plug-ins).
  • Fixed a problem with the paper width and/or height changing after they were set to a non-standard paper size.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate or pasted form elements retained the Left and Top property values of the source element.
  • Fixed a problem when using PDFs and images within a form, whereby if the PDF or image source file was changed then "imported" again, the changes were not reflected.

It is recommended that existing users of iFORM Designer uninstall their current installation prior to installing the update. iFORM Plug-in licences will be retained but may need to be re-activated within the License Plug-ins dialog.

NOTE: iFORM Filler has also been updated to reflect the changes made to iFORM Designer.