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iFORM Designer Released

Fixes and enhancements make the release of this form design software the most accessible and versatile yet!

iFORM Designer (now called InForm Designer) has been released and is available for immediate download from the Downloads page.

NOTE: iFORM Filler (now called InForm Filler) has also been updated to reflect the changes made to iFORM Designer.

The following features, properties, enhancements and fixes are included...

Features and Properties

  • Added a Word Wrap property to the Text Box plug-in to enable users to specify text boxes with single or multiple lines.
  • Changed the Date Format property of the Date plug-in so any date format can be specified and not just the default formats supplied.
  • Changed the names and reordered the default colors used by all Color properties.
  • Added Min and Max functions to the Calculation Box plug-in. This enables calculations to display the lowest (Min) or highest (Max) value of two values defined within an expression.
  • Zero Pad changed to allow padding zeros to be added to any type of number (not just whole numbers) within a text box, combo box and calculation box.


  • Changed the location of the Example Forms and Tutorials folders so they appear within Program Files/Fly Software/iFORM. The previous location of these folders in ProgramData (Windows Vista and 7) and Application Data (Windows XP, 2000, 2003) was unavailable unless Show Hidden Files and Folders was enabled in Windows Explorer. Reference to this location is also reflected in Tutorial #1 - Form Basics.
  • Removed the in-built Feedback form (accessible from the Help menu) and instead open a Feedback form on the Fly Software website.
  • Changed the web page users are taken to after selecting the Buy plug-ins menu option or toolbar button.
  • When iFORM Designer is exited and if no iFORM Plug-ins (now called InForm Plug-ins) are licensed, the default browser is opened and a Buy iFORM Plug-ins page is displayed.
  • Improved the speed at which forms are loaded.


  • Fixed a problem where Width and Height properties of a duplicated or pasted form element changed in size slightly compared to the original.
  • Fixed a problem where the Left and Top properties of a duplicated form element were not applied until the form element was selected again.
  • Fixed a problem where expressions would sometimes change when a calculation box was duplicated or pasted.
  • Fixed a problem where property groups in the Property Inspector would not remain open if previously opened. The open/close state of property groups is now saved with each iFORM document.
  • Fixed a problem where certain HP printers caused a divide by zero access violation.
  • Fixed a problem where an access violation occasionally occurred following shutdown.
  • Fixed a problem where iFORM Plug-ins could not be licensed under certain operating environments.
  • Fixed a problem where the Fly Software watermark appeared (despite all used iFORM plug-ins being licensed) if a combo box was used as the default form element on the first page.
  • Fixed a problem where a random page size was applied to an iFORM document if the page size applied at design time was unavailable for the current default printer.
  • Fixed a problem where the code contained within a Color property could not be copied to another Color property.
  • Fixed a problem where save or save as was not becoming available after performing certain changes to a form.
  • Fixed a problem where an error occurred when viewing the About dialog in Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem where dialogs were not displayed and sized correctly for certain Windows operating systems.
  • The background file (Tutorial 1 - Background.pdf) mentioned in Tutorial #1 - Form Basics, is now included with the install!


Prior to installing this update, existing users of iFORM Designer must un-license all licensed iFORM Plug-in(s) then uninstall their current installation.

NOTE: Since this article InForm Designer has been released.

Author: Sam Jones / Article Code: fly101001a

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